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AGCW issues two Action Alerts on upcoming state legislation

AGC of Washington today issued two urgent Action Alerts on bills that will be voted on soon by our state legislature.
The Senate will soon be voting on E3SHB 1091 to enact a low-carbon fuel standard. AGCW opposes 3ESHB 1091, as studies show that an LCFS is a costly approach to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction and would raise the price of gas by as much as 57 cents. Visit to easily send you pre-written or customized message to your senators TODAY.
Your help is also needed to ensure that workers and employers are not unwittingly trapped into a state-run long-term care (LTC) plan that they may not need. Bill SHB 1323 will soon be voted on that mostly eliminates the “opt-out” option and would REQUIRE employers and/or employees to purchase long-term care coverage by July 25, 2021, if they wished to opt-out. Once this date passes, there is no other opportunity to opt out. This creates several disadvantages for new employees, employees at the end of their careers, and high-wage earners. Visit today to make your voice heard!

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