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AGCW ACTION ALERT: OPPOSE Increasing Local Property Taxes

AGCW Action Alert: Oppose Increasing Local Property Taxes – State Senators will be voting soon on Substitute Senate Bill 5770 that would allow local governments to increase property taxes up to 3%. This is reversing a 1% cap that was first approved by voters in 2001 and overwhelmingly approved by the Legislature during a special session in 2007.

Please contact your Senator today and tell them to vote NO on SSB 5770.

If approved, SSB 5770 will lead to higher housing costs, worsening the state’s housing crisis and opening the door to a regressive tax policy with significant compounding effects. Initially, the bill would raise an estimated $118 million but the Department of Revenue estimates it would result in $6 billion in additional taxes over 10 years.

Tell your Senator this isn’t the right policy for Washington. Urge them to vote NO on SSB 5770.

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