AGC’s BUILD PAC pools the generous contributions of construction-industry members for maximum impact.

The state’s premier commercial construction political action committee, AGC's BUILD PAC supports state- and local-government candidates and issues affecting the construction industry.

AGC’s BUILD PAC pools the generous contributions of construction-industry members for maximum impact. AGC’s BUILD PAC helps to fund the campaigns of pro-construction candidates for local, legislative and statewide offices, and support ballot measures favorable to the industry and oppose those that are not.

Public officials who understand the importance of the construction industry to the state’s economy rarely just happen along. Individuals willing to serve who are able and willing to advocate our industry viewpoints must be encouraged and supported. This support includes financial assistance in their elections.Your participation is vital!

AGC's BUILD PAC Resources

AGC’s BUILD PAC provides contractors with an opportunity to influence state and local elections from a position of collective strength. Our lobbyists are highly regarded for their advocacy efforts on behalf of the commercial construction industry. They successfully educate policymakers on the effect of proposals on contractors, and strategically influence the development of legislation and regulations. But that’s only half the battle. The other half is electing policymakers who will give the construction industry a fair shake in the first place, and passing ballot measures that support a sound business environment. And that’s where AGC’s BUILD PAC comes in.

A well-funded PAC allows us to support and retain incumbents and elect new candidates to office who will champion critical, construction-related needs. Our opponents on important construction issues are powerful. They spend big money to elect candidates that don’t share our concerns and also fight our efforts to protect the construction industry.

AGC 1st Vice President – Phil Wallace, Kiewit Infrastructure West Company
AGC Past President – Dawn Stephens, Charter Construction
AGC Government Affairs Council Chair – Ross Pouley, RAP Consulting
National PAC Representative – Brett Ferullo (Chair), Northwest Construction
At-Large #1 – Curt Gimmestad, Absher Construction.Company
At-Large #2 – Sean Woerman (Vice Chair), Lydig Construction
At-Large #3 – Max Kuney, Max J. Kuney Company
At-Large #4 – Grace Pizzey, Holaday Parks
At-Large #5 – Celina Yee, Lease Crutcher Lewis
At-Large #6 – Jake Jacobson, Osborne Construction Company

AGC’s Chief Lobbyist /Secretary Treasurer – Jerry VanderWood
AGCW President – Glyn Slattery Lydig, Construction
AGC Executive Vice President – David D’Hondt
Lobbyist/Deputy Treasurer – Michele Willms

AGC’s BUILD PAC is pleased to be supporting these candidates in the upcoming election.

Mailing address

c/o Jerry VanderWood, Treasurer
1200 Westlake Avenue N., Suite 301, Seattle WA 98109

Please note: Contributions or gifts to Associated General Contractors of Washington’s BUILD PAC (AGC’s BUILD PAC) are not tax deductible as a charitable contribution or business expense for federal income-tax purposes. Please contact your tax advisor for further information.

There are limits on how much money that PACs and individuals can contribute to campaigns. 
Click here for info on federal requirements.
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Jerry Vanderwood, Chief Lobbyist
Michele Willms, Lobbyist

Legislative offices: 410 11th Avenue SE, Suite 203,  Olympia WA  98501-2383
Phone: 360.352.5000     Fax: 360.352.4411