AGC of Washington Staff

Our AGC staff members are categorized by region and are ready to be contacted by you.

1200 Westlake Avenue N., Suite 301,  Seattle WA  98109-3528
Phone  206.284.0061

Kelly Barber, Chief Financial Officer

Alta Bassett, Customer-Service Associate

Greg Crisostomo, Senior Accountant

David D’Hondt, Executive Vice President

Sonja Forster, Seattle District Manager 

Randy Guzman, Assistant Safety Director

Paulina Hampton, Safety Specialist

Philip Hong, Accounting Assistant

Mandi Kime, Director of Safety

Andrew Ledbetter, Director of Labor Relations

Sean Lewis, Director of Marketing

Greg Manoske, Chief Facilities Engineer

Stacy Mullane, Chapter Events & Membership Director

Penny Schmitt, Safety & Labor-Relations Assistant 

Yohannis Wodneh, Facilities-Support Specialist 

119 North Commercial, Suite 110,  Bellingham WA  98225
Phone: 360.961.5323 

Lance Calloway, Northern District Manager

The Larson Building  –  6 South Second Street, Suite 910, Yakima WA  98901
Phone: 206.549.6442 

Celina Venegas-Sanchez, ASP – Central District Manager & Safety Representative

3601 20th Street East, Fife WA  98424  /  Mobile: 253.355.0163

Tim Attebery, Southern District Manager

410 11th Avenue SE, Suite 203,  Olympia WA  98501-2383

Jerry VanderWood, Chief Lobbyist
Mobile: 425. 279.3755

Michele Willms, Lobbyist
Mobile: 360.507.7853

PO Box 14309, Tumwater WA  98511
Phone: 360.352.1632   –  Fax: 360.352.2940

Lauren Gubbe, Director of Workers’ Compensation Group Retro Program

Craig Patnode, Arlington Light-Duty Center Manager

Nate Watts, Tacoma Light-Duty Center Manager

Howard Hoefs, Spokane Light-Duty Center Manager

Valerie Evans, Seattle Light-Duty Center Manager

1200 Westlake Avenue N, Suite 411,  Seattle WA  98109-3528
Phone: 206.284.4500   –   Fax: 206.284.4595

Diane Kocer, Executive Director

Dan Morris, Director of Education and Training

Michael Ervin, Education Program Associate

Sarah Patterson, Workforce Development Director