Logo Toolkit

From jobsite signage & company vehicles to office lobbies & websites, show your affiliation with Washington's largest commercial-construction association by proudly displaying the AGC logo.

Display the AGCW logo with pride.

AGC of Washington is respected by the business community, regulators and government officials all across the state. By displaying the AGC logo, your company upholds the skill, integrity and responsibility that our association represents.

Look below for rules, guidelines and various formats for use in a variety of settings.

If you have any questions about logo use, contact Sean Lewis at 206.284.0061.

AGC of Washington Logo: Rules of Use

If you need other types or formats, please email marketing director Sean Lewis.

AGC of Washington 2022 Centennial logo

PNG format; for use only during 2022 our Centennial year.
Click here to view, then right-click and select “save image.”


AGC of Washington Safety Team logo

Available by request only to
qualified Safety Team-member firms.

Please contact Mandi Kime, Director of Safety, at 206.284.0061. 

Logo-Usage Guidelines

The following guidelines have been developed to ensure that the integrity of the AGC of Washington logo is maintained in whatever format is used.

Two-color printing (spot printing)
Red – PMS 1797 coated
Black – 100% Black
White – knockout (the color of the paper being printed on will show through)

Color (CMYK) printing
Red – C=5    M=98    Y=95    K=0
Black – 100% Black
White – Knockout (the color of the paper being printed on will show through)

RGB for the Web
Red – R=226    G=40    B=42
Black – R= 0    G=0    B=0

Black – 100% black
Grey – 50% black
White – (the color of the paper being printed on will show through)

For further information on AGC of Washington logo usage, please contact marketing director Sean Lewis at 206.284.0061.