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AGC Board votes to oppose Initiative 976

AGC’s Board of Trustees voted Monday to oppose Initiative 976, which would eliminate billions in transportation spending.  AGC’s’ Government Affairs Committee had previously met to discuss the initiative and to make an “oppose” recommendation to the Board.

Known as the $30 Car Tabs initiative, I-976 would cut $20 billion in funding from Sound Transit. Perhaps less well known is the fact that I-976 would also cut almost $4 billion in WSDOT funding over ten years, and it would cut $60 million annually from Transportation Benefit Districts which scores of cities around the state use to fund local road maintenance. Click here for more details about the consequences of I-976.

“Initiative 976 is not just about Sound Transit,” said AGC Chief Lobbyist Jerry VanderWood. “It eliminates billions in spending on capital projects around the state. Plus, passage of I-976 would end discussions about revenue for currently unfunded projects, from the Columbia River Crossing Bridge to the Highway 2 trestle to the hundreds of culverts WSDOT is under a court order to fix.”

AGC members interested in contributing to the No On I-976 campaign (AGC is a member of the coalition) can visit the campaign website here for donation information. Members could also contribute to AGC’s BUILD PAC; call AGC’s Jerry VanderWood or Michele WIllms at 350.352.5000 for more information.

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