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Action Alert: Urge legislators to vote NO on EHB 1837

ACTION ALERT: Tell legislators to vote NO on the misguided ergonomics bill (EHB 1837). This bill could be voted any time, ushering in another round of onerous rulemaking by L&I. Click here to make your voice heard today.

Even though the bill was amended in committee to focus on janitorial and building cleaning services our concern is which industry is next as they can add one industry per year until 2027.  Click the link below for our easy-to-use system to email your Senator today which includes a letter you can send as is or personalize! 

Engrossed House Bill 1837 seeks to overturn an ergonomics initiative that was passed by voters 20 years ago.  At the time L&I was attempting to implement regulations that were so unworkable that the rule’s “concise explanatory statement” alone was 126 pages long. The rule required employers to evaluate each task and rate it as low risk, caution zone, or hazards zone.  This could only be done with hours of observations of the work being done and determining how many repetitions, awkward postures and lifting activities. 

But EHB 1837 would ignore the will of the voters and allow L&I to create unnecessary rules when L&I has shown a knack for job-killing overreach in its rule making.  And it’s not needed:  The construction industry is a leader in training on body mechanics and doesn’t need one-size-fits-all rulemaking.

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO ACT NOW! The bill could be up for a vote at any time this week!

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