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Act now to oppose E3SHB 1091 – the Low-Carbon Fuel Standard

Act NOW to oppose E3SHB 1091 – the Low-Carbon Fuel Standard. Please act now, as the Senate Ways and Means Committee is about to vote on E3SHB 1091, to enact an LCFS. 

AGC opposes 3ESHB 1091 as studies show that an LCFS is a costly approach to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction and would raise the price of gas by as much as 57 cents.  And, unlike with a gas tax increase, this would raise the price of gas without raising revenue for preservation and maintenance of our roads or congestion relief. An LCFS requires a reduction in the carbon content of gasoline and diesel fuels, which is achieved by blending them with increasing amounts of biofuels. The LCFS effectively taxes high carbon fuels and subsidizes lower carbon fuels through a system of tradeable credits. But again, the LCFS has very small impact on carbon output, giving it a very high cost/benefit ratio.

Taking action is easy! Click here to simply submit the pre-written message to your Senator, or customize it with personal information on how this issue impacts you and your company.

Please share this action alert with others within your company.  If you have questions on this legislation contact AGC at 360.352.5000 or

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