I believe that each of us, as individuals and organizations, owe our community, colleagues, customers and each other a duty and responsibility to conduct ourselves in an honest and ethical manner.

To further express my commitment to the principles of Skill, Responsibility and Integrity, I pledge to conduct myself according to the following standards:

- My word is my bond and is stronger than a written contract.

- I will treat others as I desire and expect to be treated by them.

- I will put safety and compliance with codes, laws and regulations above profit.

- I will respect and protect the environment.

- I will do my best to produce quality projects on time, at good value.

- I will assume responsibility for my actions.

- I will strive to reach accord through personal negotiations and do my best to resolve disputes quickly, with integrity, and without personal attack or rancor.

- I will endeavor to persuade others within my organization and all for whom I am responsible to embrace these standards.

Adopted in December 2000 by AGC of Washington's Board of Trustees.