L-R: John Belarde, Belarde Company | Dawn Stephens, Charter Construction | Jeff Tiegs, Lincoln Construction | Curt Gimmestad, Absher Construction | Krissy Corrigan, McKinstry Company | Paul Mayo, Flatiron Constructors | Chris Lang, Fisher Construction Group | JB Gibson, Clise Properties | Frank Imhof, IMCO General Construction | Matt Osborne, Osborne Construction | Ross Pouley, RAP Consulting | Patrick McQueen, Lease Crutcher Lewis | Tanya Davis, Western Ranch Buildings | Bryan Kelley, Howard S. Wright.
(Not shown: Grace Pizzey, Holaday-Parks | Shana Peschek, Construction Center of Excellence | Lindsay Watkins, Ahlers Cressman & Sleight | Sean Hilt, Turner Construction.)



Paul Mayo, President  Flatiron West
Curt Gimmestad, First Vice President  Absher Construction Company
Dawn Stephens, Second Vice President  Charter Construction
Grace Pizzey, Secretary-Treasurer  Holaday-Parks
Frank Imhof, Immediate Past President  IMCO General Construction.


District Representatives

Chris Lang  Northern District Representative  -  Fisher Construction Group
Ross Pouley  Seattle District Representative  -  RAP Consulting
Tanya Davis  Central District Representative  -  Western Ranch Buildings
Jeff Tiegs Southern District Representative  - 
Lincoln Contruction



General Contractors         
Sean Hilt / Turner Construction Company
Patrick McQueen / Lease Crutcher Lewis

Bryan Kelley / Howard S. Wright
Matt Osborne / Osborne Construction                                                

Specialty Contractors
John Belarde / Belarde Company

Lindsay Watkins / Ahlers Cressman & Sleight
JB Gibson / Clise Properties

CLC Representative
Krissy Corrigan/ McKinstry Company

Shana Peschek / Construction Center of Excellence