Get an up-close-and-personal look at some of the latest emerging technologies—from virtual reality to efficient data manipulation to 3D scanning and more.

Featured exhibitors include PlanGrid, Unearth, ContextVR, MyPad 3D, Datum Tech Solutions and Visualive3D.

Plangrid is a widely used software solution helping teams build a better collaborative process. The company is continuing to develop and improve cloud-based applications for data sharing designed to improve efficiency for the entire cycle of projects.


Unearth is construction’s first progress-management platform, Unearth simplifies chaos by integrating with project technology to automatically analyze, sort and store all jobsite data by place. Unearth’s technology creates as-built maps of projects and plans to give users a digital copy of reality.
  CONTEXT VR is a project-documentation platform that uses as-built reality capture and AR/VR tech to improve stakeholder communication, dispute resolution and facility maintenance. Experience virtual reality project walk-throughs using mobile headsets, and 3D collaboration using mixed-reality devices.
MyPad3D allows virtual reality and augmented reality users to fly like Superman around an unbuilt apartment block or stand on the ledge of a building 300 feet up to to customize a new office block in real-time. MyPad3D will offer an array of construction-related VR and AR experiences using a headset or additional attractions experienced from your phone, iPad or computer.
  Datum Tech Solutions brings BIM to reality using laser-scanning robotics. Learn how you can use integrated hardware and software to capture 3D geometry of civil infrastructure, create as-built representations or generate 3D data for integration into BIM.
  Visualive3D has Revit and Naviswork plug-ins enabling users to push models to mobile devices with one simple click. Use the application for QA/QC, clash detection, install validation and inspections in a mixed-reality environment, saving both time and cost.