Tracy Young  PlanGrid  (2:00 pm)
Tracy Young is the co-founder and CEO of PlanGrid. Construction firms are being redefined by data-driven insights and finding advantages to extracting meaning from their data to unlock better and faster decisions leading to new levels of productivity and business growth. Tracy will make the case that construction firms should embrace the new paradigm shift and benefit from massive advances in the cloud.
  Danny Forster  Danny Forster & Architecture  (2:00 pm)
Exploring the frontiers of building design and construction, architect Danny Forster shares his insights as a practitioner and a fan on this guided tour of modern global architectural marvels. Danny Forster & Architecture is currently designing the world’s tallest modular hotel. Forster will give a sneak peek into the project, and explain why he believes modular construction will forever change how buildings are designed and built.
Danny Forster is the host and producer of Discovery Channel’s Build it Bigger and How China Works.
  Jimmy Christianson  AGC of America  (3:00 pm)
Jimmy Christianson leads AGC of America’s government-relations efforts in Washington DC, both on Capitol Hill and with federal regulatory agencies. With year one of the Trump Administration coming to a close, what can we expect in 2018? This session will provide a federal-level update on key AGC initiatives including increased infrastructure spending, eliminating PLAs and a better regulatory environment.
  Dan O'Brien  Olympic Athlete   (3:00 pm)
An elite athlete winning the 1996 Olympic Gold Medal in the Decathlon to become the first American winner since 1976, Olympic athlete Dan O’Brien will share his experience of overcoming adversity, setting personal goals and living like a champion. Dan will also talk about the Dan vs. Dave ad campaign and the power of marketing.




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