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Free AGC Seminar on Assisted Living/Medical Facilities Construction

On September 22nd from 2pm-3:30pm at the AGC offices in Tacoma (942 Pacific Avenue) we will hold a free Assisted-Living/Medical Facilities Seminar.

Most all AGC members have at some point either completed an assisted-living or medical construction project have reviewed the opportunity or plan to make this growth industry a new part of their portfolio. It is no secret that the baby-boomer generation is entering its retirement years and this huge demographic shift presents a need for an increase in both health care and assisted-living capacity.

AGC has invited the President/CEO of the Washington Health Care Association (WHCA) to talk about the future construction needs of the long-term care industry. The WHCA is a statewide non-profit organization representing over 400 assisted-living and skilled nursing facilities.

In addition AGC has invited the President of the Washington State Medical Group Management Association (WSMGMA) to talk about the future construction needs of the medical community. WSMGMA’s 450 members lead and manage medical practices. These medical practice managers affect every aspect of a successful medical practice’s operations.

Our speakers plan to answer questions like:

  • With the baby-boomers getting closer to the age whereby WSMGMA or WHCA-member facilities will need to increase capacity what should a construction company do to position itself to serve this need?
  • What type of facilities will WSMGMA and WHCA members need in the future?
  • Will renovations be used or will new facilities be in need?
  • What will the health care/assisted-living construction trends look like over the next 20 years?
  • What do WSMGMA and WHCA members complain about during a capital project that the construction industry needs to hear about?
  • How can the average contractor build a long-term relationship with WSMGMA and WHCA members?

RSVP by sending an email to Tim Attebery at


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