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How Did Your Legislator Vote? See AGC’s 2009 Vote Record

AGC presents its 2009 Vote Record to let its members know how legislators voted on bills important to the construction industry. In the 2009 session 13 votes were selected as fairs representation of these issues. See the “score” for each State House and Senate member below. Under that are summaries of the bills included in the Vote Record. For additional information regarding any of these issues AGC members are invited to call the AGC Legislative Office at 360-352-5000 or 800-690-2630.

Click here to view the Vote Record.

AGC’s 2009 Vote Record is based on the following bills:

HB 1402 Contact With Medical Providers during Workers’ Comp Appeals: Prohibits communication between employer or employer representative and claimant’s health care provider without the claimant or claimant representative present once workers’ comp appeal is filed.

SB 5873 Apprenticeship Utilization: Extends quota requirements to Higher Education and adds violations of apprentice regulations as elements in both determining bidder responsibility as well as a possible Prevailing Wage “strike” for bidding eligibility purposes.

SB 5963 Unemployment Insurance: Reduces most employers’ unemployment insurance tax rates and clarifies that a worker can only quit their job and receive unemployment insurance benefits in specific circumstances listed in law.

SB 6035 Retrospective Rating Plans: Restricted refund flexibility ignored the risk assumed by retro associations and held retro associations to a different standard than would apply to the rest of the State Fund for funds use.

SB 6173 Construction Sales Tax: Replaces the use of Resale Certificates with Sellers Permits that tighten up which and under what circumstances companies are entitled to have such permits. As introduced it would have required contractors to pay sales tax up front and then apply for a tax credit. AGC appreciates changes made to the bill by Rep. Ross Hunter (D-48 Medina) which allow contractors to continue to make wholesale purchases.

HB 1195 Payment of Undisputed Claims: Requires that for additional work beyond the scope of the contract the state or municipality must issue a change order within 30 days of satisfactory completion of all or a portion of the additional work or pay interest at a rate of one percent per month to contractors.

HB 1836 Off-Site Prefabrication: Created contractual requirement with monetary penalties that contractors and subs provide a list identifying all fabricators that would supply certain non-standard items.

SB 5760 UW and WSU Contracting Procedures: Authorized UW and WSU to create any alternative contracting procedure they chose if funding for a project was from “non-state appropriated” sources. Authorized prequalification of contractors and the limiting of the number of proposers.

HB 2211 State Route 520 Corridor: Imposes tolls on SR 520 bridge to help finance construction of critical safety projects including replacement of the floating bridge. Caps state funding at $4.65B ($1.85B on the floating bridge $800M on east side of the corridor and $2B on west side). Funding for west side costs over $2B must be from local sources.

SB 5768 Alaskan Way Viaduct: Expedites environmental review and design processes to replace the viaduct. Requires the tunnel to be located under 1st Ave in Seattle. Plan limits state funding to $2.4B plus $400M in toll revenue. Funds must be used solely to build a replacement tunnel and remove the existing viaduct not for utility relocation costs or central seawall or waterfront promenade improvements.




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