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Workplace Safety is Focus of New Ad Campaign

The Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) in partnership with AGC and three other business and labor organizations recently began an advertising campaign to raise awareness about the importance of workplace safety in Washington state.

Television radio and Internet ads in Western Washington spread the message that the most important reason for making your workplace safe is not at work at all. Instead workplace safety is important as a means of sustaining relationships with family and friends outside the workplace.

The centerpiece ad called Homecomings shows people coming home from work to their loved ones juxtaposed against one boy who is worried that his dad isnt home from work yet. The ad concludes with a reminder that on average two people die every week in Washington from on-the-job injuries and illnesses. The ads call attention to and resources for making workplaces safer.

Co-sponsoring the ad campaign are in addition to AGC the Association of Washington Business the Washington State Labor Council and the Washington State Building and Construction Trades Council.

Running this campaign now is particularly important because there are significant risks to workplace safety during an economic recession said L&I Director Judy Schurke. She noted that businesses may be tempted to cut corners on workplace safety when times are tight and employees worried about having no other job options may not speak up about unsafe conditions. Also employees may be fatigued from additional workloads or may be doing unfamiliar tasks making them more prone to injury.

We are pleased to partner with the Department on this creative campaign that will pay dividends both in dollars not lost and more importantly lives not harmed said AGC Executive Vice President David DHondt.

L&I purchased licensing rights to an award-winning workplace-safety campaign developed in Australia saving creative and development costs. The ads were repurposed for Washington residents including voice-overs to eliminate the Australian accent.

In Australia surveys showed that about 85 percent of viewers thought the ads were quite or very effective. Also 24 percent of employers and 18 percent of employees said they had personally taken action as a result of the campaign. This was considered a very strong result in a low-interest category such as occupational safety and health.

About $450000 in TV and radio airtime and Internet space has been purchased. The money comes from dedicated workers compensation funds which cant be used for purposes other than workers comp and workplace safety. Preventing one workplace injury that turns into a long-term pension could pay for the cost of the campaign. Currently L&I has 3964 claims with costs for each that are more than $450000.

The ads will run in May and June and again in September and October with some radio advertising also airing in July and August.

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