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AGC Group Retro, the Industry’s Best

It is enrollment time for AGC Group Retro participants and as you are the cream of the crop we expect you will be marketed by competing programs.

Regarding quotes keep in mind there is no oversight by the Insurance Commissioners office or by the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) regarding the marketing of programs. Last year one Retro group sent out quotes with inflated group premium and deflated losses such that the quote was overstated by almost 30 percent. Another cited our three month period with only $8 million of premium (vs. $40 million annually) and compared it to their entire year! This year that same group sent out a flyer with only the first adjustment comparison.

Interestingly enough AGC is exceeding those groups we compete with in two out of the last three plan year adjustment periods and our overall average refund performance is higher as well.

It is impressive when companies are paying rates that are 30 percent lower than average while top performers average refunds are at or over 60 percent said Lauren Gubbe Director of the Retro Program. This year is the final distribution on our third adjustment refund of 51 percent and we have close to one-third of our members taking home refunds of 70 percent or more and over half of the entire membership taking home refunds at 60 percent or higher!

We are so thankful to all AGC Group Retro members for their commitment to facilitating a safety culture on your jobsites where employees truly believe it is their responsibility to work safely and know that the company commitment to safety is top down to help make it happen day in and day out Gubbe said. Because of who we work for and who we work with here at AGC we look forward to coming to work every day!

AGC wants you to have the very best and accurate information when comparing programs so please feel free to contact us at toll free 888.227.3876 or for more information about AGC Group Retro including underwriting criteria and state-of-the-art return to work and retraining services visit the Group Retro section of AGCs website at

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