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Making Every Penny Count


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On April 25 a team of 45 people came together to help restore and upgrade Northwest Harvests food bank on Cherry Street. This Rebuilding Together project involved fixing leaks painting walls building shelving and other miscellaneous tasks. Serving up to 2500 people and making between 1200 and 1500 sandwiches a day the two main goals of the project was to create more storage space and get their products off the floor and to make the space safer for everyone.

Matt Campbell from Northwest Harvest was there supervising and assisting the various projects worked on by AGC Education Foundation and AGC of Washintgon staff University of Washington Construction students and members of the AGCs Future Leadership Forum. We are so focused on serving the people that we dont have the time or manpower to fix and upgrade these things Matt said. It is so nice to have people come in and do these projects for us.

Northwest Harvest can feed an entire family for 67 cents. Now those pennies stretch just a little bit further. Please click here to learn more about Northwest Harvest. Or to learn more about Rebuilding Together please click here.

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