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President’s Column: AGC 2009 Work Plan Summary

By Lee Kilcup President AGC of Washington

AGC and our members are facing challenges that are unique in terms of complexity and severity from any Ive seen during my 30 years with the construction industry. Our response to these challenges also needs to be unique innovative and assertive. AGC must help provide the education and strategic outlook that will allow our members to navigate these difficult times.

AGC is in great shape to support our membership from a leadership financial and staff perspective. Our organization must reach out to government other associations and other chapters to leverage our strengths and deliver more and better services to our members. We must also leverage the talents of the dedicated board members and staff at AGC more effectively to drive strategic thinking and implement those ideas so the organization can continue to thrive and flourish in good times and bad.

AGC needs to know our members better both individually and corporately so we understand what they need and who is interested in sustaining AGC into the future. We can use our relationship with the National AGC to provide better programs and knowledge about technology and share this information with our members. We can also learn and collect best practices from other high-performing chapters and incorporate them into our way of doing business.

Our Mission at AGC of Washington consists of three simple statements:

  • To enhance the performance of our members
  • To promote the respect and integrity of our industry
  • And to improve the quality of life in our community

We need to align our daily actions with these Missions and deliver them in a customer-focused way. Please join Executive Vice President David DHondt the board of trustees the staff and myself in driving this organization forward in a meaningful way in 2009. Together we can make a difference.

Lee Kilcup is CEO and Chairman of the Board for GLY Construction.

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