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Cadman Presents Awards for Concrete Pump Truck Safety

At the April Concrete Pump Truck Safety Roundtable meeting Cadman Inc. presented awards as special thanks for the contribution to the construction industry and to concrete pump truck safety. Awards were presented to Elizabeth McKay AGC of Washington; Bob Maus Ferguson Construction; Al Hockaday Conco Cement Company; Chris Perlatti Seattle Tarp; and Kyle Rask Brundage-Bone Concrete Pumping.

Identifying recent injury trends within the concrete industry AGC member Cadman Inc. joined with Seattle Tarp and Brundage-Bone Concrete Pumping to promote the use of Seattle Tarps transition shields on concrete pump trucks. AGC Safety Departments Elizabeth McKay helped by co-hosting monthly round table meetings and also helped with the filming of the safety videos about concrete pump truck safety. These roundtable meetings got industry professionals together to inform them regarding the transition shields and how using them will help save lives.

Barry Meade from Cadman Inc. presented the awards and said We present you this award as a thank you for your efforts on behalf of those whose lives youve saved who dont even know theyve been saved.

Mandi Kime AGC Director of Safety gave a special thank you to Elizabeth McKay by saying Its not surprising that Elizabeth was honored with this award because shes shown true initiative on working with this group and helping to develop safety resources for the betterment of the industry. Way to go Elizabeth!

For more information about concrete pump truck safety and to view the pump truck safety videos please click here.

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