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Unfunded Family Leave Insurance Kept Alive by Bill

The Senate Ways and Means Committee passed SB 6158 which delays the implementation of the family leave program. The Legislature has not been able to find a funding source to support the family leave program since the original legislation was passed in 2007.

AGC maintains that the program should simply be eliminated and therefore encourages members to contact their legislators and ask them to vote no on SB 6158. To easily do so click AGC Grassroots Action Network.

At a time when essential state programs are being cut and businesses especially construction are struggling to keep their doors open the Legislature should not be creating new unfunded programs said AGC Government Affairs Manager Christine Swanson.

Under SB 6158 the Family Leave Insurance program implementation is delayed and initial payments of family leave insurance benefits is deferred from October 1 2009 to
October 1 2012.

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