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Pierce County Ends Unfair HUB Program

The Pierce County Council voted to repeal the ill-advised Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) Program. AGC members met with councilmembers and testified before the Council in support of the move.

The HUB Program gave preferential treatment to contractors bidding on Pierce County public works projects who meet certain criteria. To be designated a HUB contractor a construction company owner or ownership team must have a net worth under $375000 and could not have had a volume of $6 million or more over a three year period. In addition a HUB designation was only given to contractors who lived or had an office in Pierce County.

Imagine the dangerous trend that could be established if every local jurisdiction gave some sort of formal preferential treatment to contractors based on which county their residence or office is located in said AGC Southern District Manager Tim Attebery who also praised the AGC members who have opposed the program over the last few years.

The action taken by the County Council achieves the long-sought goal of complete repeal of the program and is a win for the fair bidding practices that AGC stands for Attebery said.

For more information contact Tim Attebery at 253-272-7725.

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