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WSDOT’s Go Orange! Campaign to Promote Work Zone Safety

Information from WSDOT:

With highway construction season comes the need to remind motorists to drive safely in work zones. Did you know 99 percent of work zone incidents involve only the driver and passenger? Thats why in 2009 WSDOT is building on its Give em a Brake program to encourage more organizations around the state to show their support for work zone safety.

WSDOT hopes you will Go Orange! during WSDOTs Washington Work Zone Awareness Week April 20-25 2009.

Go Orange! is Washingtons version of a very successful Missouri work zone safety program Operation Orange. This has shown to be a low-cost but highly effective way to increase work zone safety awareness. WSDOT will highlight Go Orange! participants on the WSDOT Go Orange! website.

Going orange could be as simple as asking your employees to wear orange on Thursday April 23 2009. On this day WSDOT will host its annual Work Zone Memorial event in Olympia.

Each spring WSDOT holds a Worker Memorial to honor those fallen workers and remind everyone about the importance of work zone safety. We are proud to feature the National Work Zone Memorial Wall in Olympia for our April 23 event and invite you to come and join us.

WSDOT is producing Go Orange! promotional materials such as lapel stickers and window decals. When available you can request these materials from the Go Orange! Web site.

Other tips to turn on the orange include:

  • Orange floodlights can be purchased to temporarily replace regular floodlights.
  • Orange gel light covers or orange Plexiglas can turn regular floodlights orange. Make sure they are kept a safe distance from lights that get hot.
  • Some buildings already have lighting systems that can be set to remain orange.
  • Fountains are great because many have lights that can be set to orange or can be temporarily turned orange with bulbs or gels. Also the water can be dyed orange.
  • Orange luminaries (orange paper bags with sand in the bottom and a candle or battery powered candle) are another option.

For info contact Alice Fiman WSDOT Communications (360) 705-7080 or (360) 789-4035 (cell).

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