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New Rules May Save Money on Employees Working Out of State

Thanks to a state law change successfully sought by AGC Washington contractors in some cases wont need to pay L&I workers compensation for employees when theyre working out-of-state.

In the past Washington employers with employees working out of state sometimes faced paying workers comp premiums both for Washington and the other state. Now under the revised law employers can avoid paying L&I workers comp premiums for out-of-state work when they meet all of the following:

• Have workers in the other state for more than 30 days in a calendar year (January 1st through December 31st).
• Provide L&I with proof of workers comp coverage issued by the out-of-state insurer.
• Fill out the Application for Out of State Reporting which is available online here.
• Report all out-of-state work by the Washington workers to L&I on the Employers Out-of-State Supplemental Quarterly Report for Workers Compensation which is available online here.
• Maintain all of the necessary reporting records.

If you are working in a state that has a reciprocal agreement with L&I then the terms of that agreement govern which state will cover your workers. Oregon and Idaho have reciprocal agreements with L&I. For other states with reciprocal agreements please go to the reciprocal states page of the L&I website.

Questions? Visit the L&I Web site at or call Dick Bredeson at 360-902-4985 or by e-mail at

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