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Stimulus Seminars Set

AGC has joined with the law firm of Stanislaw Ashbaugh to produce a two hour seminar that will provide a comprehensive rundown of the newly enacted American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and its affect on the Washington contracting community.

Hear what is planned for federal state and local government spending in Washington. You will learn how the Act applies to Washington contractors with an overview of the states planned use of infrastructure allocations contractors compliance with the Acts Buy American provision and other relevant issues.

In addition the seminar will cover how the Act impacts the bidding process and the management of public contracts. The seminar will further focus on best practices for ensuring a successful project for contractors and taxpayers alike.

Seminar dates and locations:

Tacoma: March 20 2 – 4 p.m. AGCs Tacoma Office 942 Pacific Ave. Presenters: David Ashbaugh Bob Marconi Rich Skalbania Tymon Berger.
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Seattle: March 23 8 – 10 a.m. AGC Building Conference Center in Seattle 1200 Westlake Ave. N. Presenters: David Ashbaugh Rich Skalbania Chris Wright Tymon Berger.
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Bellingham: April 1 10 a.m. – noon AGCs Bellingham Office 1121 Railroad Ave. Presenters: Bob Marconi Chris Wright Tymon Berger.
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Yakima: April 3 8 – 10 a.m. AGCs Yakima Office 3611 River Rd Suite 120. Presenters: Bob Marconi Chris Wright Tymon Berger.
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