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L&I reminder on “Stay Home” compliance, enforcement

L&I issues reminder about “Stay Home” compliance and enforcement >>

The Department of Labor and Industries reached out to AGC in order to spread the word about compliance and enforcement issues under the Governor’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy order –particularly as it applies to the construction projects that are still underway.

“Even if a business is considered essential, it must still ensure their workplaces are safe and healthy and follow guidelines to protect workers from exposure to the coronavirus,” said L&I in its memo to AGC.  “L&I will focus on the construction industry, relying on existing relationships with registered contractors. If we receive a complaint about a possible violation of the order, construction contractors can expect to be contacted by L&I. Staff will reach out to the contractor to determine if work is being done and, if yes, if it is an essential business.  If the business is essential, we will provide safety and health guidance, including sanitation and social distancing recommendations. If it is not essential, the contractor will be notified on the phone and in writing that they must stop work. Repeat violators may be referred to the Attorney General’s Office or local law enforcement.  As with everything related to this pandemic, we are all learning as we go. We would welcome your help sharing this information with your members and providing guidance to us as we follow up with additional outreach. Enforcement is most effective when it is voluntary.”

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