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AGC Mounts Effort to Discourage Cosponsors of ‘Card Check’

AGC of America reports that supporters of the (so-called) Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) are making a push to introduce this legislation in the House very soon and are continuing to push for original co-sponsors of the bill.

AGC opposes the Employee Free Choice Act and urges AGC members to discourage co-sponsorship.

EFCA would take away a workers right to a federally supervised private ballot election when deciding whether or not to select union representation. It also imposes unrealistically short deadlines for labor-management negotiations over a first contract before mandating third-party mediation and binding arbitration.

AGC supports the status quo which allows both card-check recognition and secret-ballot elections to establish union representation and remains the most fair and reliable way to determine the desire of employees to be represented by a union.

Please reach out to your Members of Congress to urge them not to co-sponsor or support the bill. Just last week over 4000 AGC members made their voice heard on this issue by using AGCs Legislative Action Center. Contact your congressional delegation today and urge them not to co-sponsor or support the (so-called) Employee Free Choice Act.

For more information please contact Kelly Knott of the AGC of America at (202) 547-4685 or


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