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Concrete Delivery Now Covered by Prevailing Wage

A Labor and Industries rule change effective Jan. 2 2009 reverses the departments long-standing policy and states that prevailing wages apply to concrete delivery.

During the last decade the prevailing wage program has seen a number of court decisions identify the extent to which prevailing wages are required to be paid for the work related to the incorporation and delivery of materials on public projects. The department had a policy in place since 1999 pertaining to the delivery of wet concrete and exempts certain types of delivery and incorporation from prevailing wage coverage.

This rule change reverses that policy and is a move which is consistent with the direction from the courts. This rule change is in effect and needs to be included on projects with a bid due date on or after Jan.2.

AGC has worked extensively over the last year with the department urging the most practical solution for contractors. With the relatively short amount of time and notice to adjust to the new rules AGC is actively working with the department to ensure a smooth transition for this change.

Bottom line: prevailing wage applies to concrete delivery and this requirement needs to be included on projects with a bid due date on or after Jan.2.

The new rule can be found on the L&I website by clicking here.


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