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A Legend Retires

With over 28 years spent in the construction industry and more than 20 of those years spent influencing rulemaking efforts Tim Gottberg has become a legend in the construction safety world. Recognized as a founding father of the Safety Team® program Gottberg also served on nearly every safety committee or group in the Puget Sound area served on numerous task forces at the state level and served on the AGC of America Safety Committee. Certainly a guy-to-know as well as a man to listen to.

Tim has been an inspiration to me in many ways by always having courage of his convictions and for standing up for what he feels is right. Despite us teasing him about his soap boxes the industry is a better place because of him said Mandi Kime AGC of Washintgons Safety Director. Although retired now he will be a fixture in many ways to a lot of what we do in construction safety.

In his career Gottberg has been recognized at the local state and national level for contributions in construction safety. He has also won AGC of Washintgon Build Washington Awards category awards for safety five different times and has been a grand award winner for safety three times. This is by far the most impressive safety wins record to date!

Remembered as more than just a Safety Director Gottberg helped to shape construction safety on many different levels. After 20 years of service on the AGC of Washingtons safety committee the Safety Team and the AGC of Washintgon wish him a safe and happy retirement.

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