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AGC Launches We Are Ready Campaign

A message to members from AGC of America:

On Dec. 11 AGC of America launched a new national effort to ensure that Congress and the President-elect understand the vital need for investing in infrastructure as part of the pending stimulus package. The centerpiece of this effort is frankly you. As you will see from the advertisement below AGC is encouraging people to sign up and indicate their support for badly needed new infrastructure investments. AGC will share this list with members of Congress when they return to work Jan. 6 and will provide it to the President-elects transition team.

We need your help in ensuring that the full breadth and depth of our support is reflected in this list. So I am asking each of you please to reach out to your employees your suppliers your subcontractors your local government and business community leaders. Encourage them to log on to and sign up. And encourage them to tell their colleagues and co-workers to do the same. With your help we can make sure Congress and the new Administration understand the value and wisdom of new infrastructure investments.

With more than 770000 construction workers out of work over the last two years our sector has been one of the hardest hit by the countrys financial challenges. With your help we can make sure our members are put back to work now building Americas future. After all the infrastructure projects our members build will not only put people back to work they will serve as a crucial foundation for future economic growth.

To join the campaign visit

For more information contact Brian Turmail at 703-837-5310 or

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