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Safety Tips: Cell Phones and Winter Weather Preparation

By Mandi Kime AGCs Safety Director

Help Emergency Responders Help You!

Did you know that when emergency responders happen upon an unconscious victim the first thing they look for is a cell phone to identify the individual and their next of kin for medical information? When they look for whom to contact they look for an entry in your contacts titled: ICE (for In Case of Emergency).

Put an ICE entry into your cell phone contacts and in that entry you should have the persons name relationship to you if you can and their most answered phone number. That way in the event of an emergency someone will be contacted on your behalf and ESPECIALLY if you have any medical concerns they will be a lifesaving connection to the emergency responders.

Please take a moment to put an ICE entry in your cell phone today and encourage your employees to do the same.

Wet Windy Winter… ARE YOU READY?

The National Weather Service King County Seattle City Light and the city of Seattle are urging residents to get prepared now for a blustery wet winter with the new Take Winter by Storm Campaign.

Please take time now to build your emergency preparedness kits prepare for power outages that could last days and stock out of non-perishable foods and WATER. Remember in the clutch of a weather emergency other people will be competing for supplies as well so the more prepared you are the less stressful the situation will be for you and your family/coworkers.

Weather emergencies can happen day or night and it is as important to be prepared at home as it is at work! Check out the Take Winter by Storm Campaign website for details on the weather predictions resources on building kits for home and work as well as information on roads and transit utilities and public safety.

You can also always seek out the nearest Red Cross for supplies checklists family and work emergency plans and pre-made kits:

Information from these two sources would make great items for payroll stuffers to help remind your employees of the impending winter season and helping them get prepared. The more prepared your employees are the less likely they are to miss work and if you help them with preparing youll show how much you care!

AGC members should feel free to contact the AGC Safety Department for help in developing emergency plans and kits. Give us a call at 206-284-0061.

The sooner the better as you dont want to be caught with winter taking you by storm!

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