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Dick Bristow Remains at AGC in New Role

By Steve Barger 2008 President AGC of Washington

Member value is the guiding principle set by the AGC Board of Trustees during its strategic planning process. Helping us deliver on that promise is someone very familiar to our members: Dick Bristow.

As many of you know Dick came back to the AGC almost two years ago. With his previous 20-plus years at the helm of AGC he was the perfect person to guide the association during its search for a permanent Executive Vice President. David DHondt has been in the EVP position since July and Dick has been introducing him to members he did not know and accompanying him on many personal visits to AGC firms.

When Daves transition is complete at years end the Board wants to make sure the chapter continues to benefit from Dicks in-depth knowledge of the industrys issues and personalities. I am therefore pleased to report that Dicks new position at AGC will be Director of Properties and Membership effective January 2009.

Dicks position involves two high-priority matters. One of those is to increase chapter membership. Membership development has always been a big issue but with Dicks help we will use a much more targeted systematic approach that includes both retention of current members and enrollment of new ones. The process is underway with the visits Dick and Dave have been making to member firms. Theyve received some valuable feedback with regard to both the strengths and areas of improvement of AGC. They have also learned about many up-and-coming employees in member companies. We want to encourage their involvement in AGC activities to help energize and strengthen our association for years to come. Spending face-to-face quality time with members can only improve the associations services.

Also most members know the chapter is in an enviable position by owning a major asset: the AGC Building and Marina in Seattle. During the last couple of years the Board has wrestled with the possibility of taking advantage of the hot real estate market and selling these assets. We received advice from the top experts in the commercial real estate field. They were convincing in making the case that the most prudent and profitable thing is for us to keep the building. In his new role Dick will make sure that it remains an asset for the chapter and continues to help fund the many valuable programs AGC provides. The property management function has been provided by a third party for several years. By bringing it in-house under Dicks management the chapter will reap significant savings. This too will be an easy transition as Dick oversaw property management beginning shortly after the construction of the building during his previous stint as EVP.

In addition he will be a resource to assist the AGC Southern District leadership find a new home for the Tacoma office over the course of the coming year as AGCs Tacoma property has been recently sold to the City of Tacoma.

With the hiring of Dave and the retention of Dick we have a cracker jack staff team in place working to increase the value of your membership. Dont hesitate to contact them if you have a question concern or new idea to improve our association!

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