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Bolster AGC Endorsement with Personal Commitment

By Steve Barger AGC President

Earlier this year AGC conducted a comprehensive decision-making process to consider endorsement of a candidate for Governor. Leaders from our Government Affairs Council met with AGC members in each AGC District and a robust discussion was had by the AGC Board of Trustees.

Rarely do individuals or organizations see eye-to-eye 100% of the time. AGC is no different in this situation. We are in agreement that changes are needed in our state government. We need new ideas; fresh faces; and different approaches to tackle the tough issues the state its communities and our people face in the years ahead. Ultimately AGC decided to endorse Senator Dino Rossi for Governor because we feel that he is the best candidate to restore balance and introduce a new vitality to state government.

Endorsements like ours are useful to candidates and voters as they provide a helpful perspective or frame of reference. But our endorsement is really helpful if it is supported by the personal and financial commitment of AGC members. This message accompanies an invitation (see below) to an important fundraising event in support of the AGC-endorsed candidate Dino Rossi. Please lend strength to our endorsement. Your participation either in person or with a mailed-in contribution will help assure that an AGC endorsement carries significance.

Please write a generous check to help Dinos campaign get his message out to the voters of Washington State.


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