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Volunteer sought for soil and sediment workgroup

AGC is looking for a volunteer to serve on the Soil and Sediment Workgroup a committee established by the Department of Ecology for the purposes of providing input on new solid-waste rulemaking activity. The workgroup will be creating definitions of clean soil which will include numeric analytical test limits. The rule will affect the flow of any soil which is extracted in the State and moved to another site or placed back on an existing site. The rule will also impact the sites which receive the material.  

This is an important undertaking for which a contractor’s input is vital. As a result of this rule making soils (in the future) which do not meet the Ecology definition of a clean soil will be considered solid waste and subject to disposal requirements under current existing regulation (i.e landfill). The group has been meeting for 18 months and it is anticipated that the work group will continue meeting for an additional 18 months.  

The Soil and Sediment Workgroup is one of several formed by DOE to advise it as it revises solid-waste handling standards. Click here for background and descriptions of the various workgroups including Soil and Sediment.

Anyone interested in serving on this workgroup should contact AGC’s Chief Lobbyist Jerry VanderWood 206.284.0061.

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