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What projects might Sound Transit 3 entail?

Sound Transit is hoping to move forward on its third phase with an up-to $15 billion package. It’s still a long way off with no certainty for its success as the Legislature still has to provide permission to Sound Transit to put the measure on the ballot and then it would have to be passed by voters. 

Nevertheless Sound Transit has released a list of proposed projects such as the extension of light rail to North Everett and the Tacoma Link extension to Tacoma Community College. Click here for the full list of Sound Transit’s draft priority project list.

Meanwhile the Sound Transit Board kicked off a public-involvement campaign to decide what mass-transit projects should be studied as the final candidates for a Sound Transit 3 ballot measure. The Sound Transit Board is seeking input on the draft list of projects to be considered possible candidates for the ST3 measure. After collecting input on the Draft Priority Projects List the Board will identify a final list of projects to be studied this fall. The results of those studies will support further narrowing by the Board to shape a draft ST3 measure for public input in early 2016.

Potential projects emphasized so far by the Sound Transit Board and earlier public input include but are not limited to building light rail extensions to Everett Tacoma downtown Redmond Ballard and West Seattle as well as bus rapid transit on I-405 and improving  ST Express bus and Sounder commuter-rail services and facilities.

Six public meetings around the region are scheduled; click the link for more info:

Seattle: June 16 Union Station 401 S. Jackson Street
Everett: June 18 Everett Station 3201 Smith Avenue
Redmond: June 23 Redmond Marriot 7401 164th Avenue N.E.
Tacoma: June 24 Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center 1500 Broadway
Seattle (daytime): 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. June 25 Union Station 401 S. Jackson Street
Federal Way: June 25 King County Aquatic Center 650 S.W. Campus Drive

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