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U.S. Rep Suzan DelBene talks transportation, pension reform with AGC contractors

width=418Discussing a wide range of topics including federal transportation funding multiemployer pension plan reform and project labor agreements U.S. Representative Suzan DelBene recently visited with AGC members and staff in Bothell including Paul Mayo (Flatiron) Geoff Owen (Kiewit) Jake Jacobson (Osborne) AGC chief lobbyist Jerry VanderWood and AGC Seattle District manager Jerry Dinndorf.

Photo: AGC thanks Rep. Suzan DelBene for taking the time to meet with AGC members Paul Mayo Geoff Owen and Jake Jacobson.

Rep. DelBene was particularly interested in finding a creative solution to the lack of adequate long-term funding for the Highway Trust Fund. As expected Congress passed another short-term extension (through July 31) of authorization for highway programs paving the way for Congress to pass a bill without finding additional money to fund the Highway Trust Fund which is set to run out of money later this summer.

“Across the nation our infrastructure is facing a breaking point. An efficient and functioning infrastructure system is critical to the economy of the Washingtons First District” DelBene said. “Congress needs to prioritize spending to fix our crumbling infrastructure now before it becomes even more expensive to maintain in the future. I will continue to fight for long-term transportation solutions that allow us to get the best return on our investments.”

AGC will be working throughout the summer to schedule meetings between contractors and members of Washington State’s congressional delegation. AGC members interested in participating in any of these meetings should contact AGC’s Government Affairs Associate Michele Willms 360.352.5000.

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