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City of Seattle signs priority-hire PLA for projects $5M or more

The City of Seattle recently signed a community work force agreement (CWA) with the construction-trades unions as the mechanism to implement the requirements of its priority-hire ordinance approved by the Council and signed by the mayor in January. The objective of the priority-hire ordinance is to increase the participation of individual workers from economically distressed areas within the city King County and the region (in that order) on city public-works construction projects.

All city public-works projects equal to or greater than $5M will be governed by the terms and conditions of the CWA. Contractors awarded work for projects covered by the agreement must sign a Letter of Assent as a condition of performing work.

Contractors considering bidding on city projects covered by the CWA are advised to carefully read the agreement as there are provisions different from other CWAs to meet the requirements of the priority-hire ordinance as well as other language that is contrary to or not currently part of AGC’s master labor agreements (MLAs).

After Wednesday of this week copies of the priority-hire ordinance and the CWA can be found here.

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