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AGC’S BUILD PAC instrumental in maintaining Senate’s Majority Coalition Caucus

We did it! And couldn’t have done it without your help! With AGC’S BUILD PAC members help we were instrumental in helping maintain the Majority Coalition Caucus (MCC) in the Senate.

During the 2014 general election we had a success rate of over 91% and invested more than $84000 in business-friendly candidates. With your help we made a positive impact on the make-up of in both the House and Senate. The primary focus of AGC’s BUILD PAC was to help the pro-business Majority Coalition Caucus (MCC) maintain control of the Senate. The Senior Council focused our support on those MCC candidates who were prime targets of the “other side” and all of these candidates won including Andy Hill Steve O’Ban Tim Sheldon and Doug Ericksen. The MCC was responsible for stopping many bills during the 2013 and 2014 sessions that would have been bad for construction industry and business in general.

2014 Election by the Numbers

• 68 legislative candidates were endorsed
• Invested over $84000 in pro-business candidates including direct contributions to 38 candidates in the 2014 elections
• 91% of the candidates the PAC endorsed WON their elections.
• 100% (15 of 15) of the candidates we endorsed in the State Senate won.
• 89% (47 of 53) of the candidates in the House endorsed won.
– Six of our candidates lost (LD 4 Josh Arritola (R) LD 28 Paul Wagemann (R) LD 30 Jack Dovey (R) LD 35 Jeannette Burrage (R) LD 35 Rep. Kathy Haigh (D) & LD 45 Joel Hussey)

State Senate

• 26 MCC Members (25 Republicans & one Democrat)
• 23 Democrats

State House
• House Rs will have 47 to 51 Ds (best guess); it looks like the Republicans picked up four seats.
• Close races (names in bold are candidates supported by AGC’s BUILD PAC).
– LD 26 Pos. 2: Michelle Caldier (R) leads incumbent Larry Seaquist (D) by 502 votes; we anticipate that she will hold on and win this seat.
– LD 28 Pos. 2: Paul Wagemann (R) is being beat by Christine Kilduff (D) by 294 votes (open seat); it’s not likely Paul Wagemann will win this seat

• LD 35 Pos. 1: It looks like longtime AGC friend Kathy Haigh (D) has been beat by Dan Griffey (R) as he is up by 513 votes.
• LD 30 Pos. 2: Rep. Roger Freeman (D) (who passed away recently) beat Jack Dovey (R); the King and Pierce County councils will appoint someone to fill this seat until a special election can be held next fall (the King County Council is controlled by the Ds and Pierce County by the Rs).

Congressional Races
• AGC of America PAC contributed to seven candidates in Washington State
• Six of those candidates were re-elected  and one (Congressman-Elect Dan Newhouse) was elected
• The US House will have at least 248 Republicans and 181 Democrats  (6 races are undecided)
• The US Senate will be controlled by Republicans with 52 Rs 46 Ds and two Is that caucus with the Ds (Rs picked up seven seats)

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