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AGC Health Plan first to be approved by State Insurance Commissioner

According to an Oct. 29 2014 press release issued the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner has approved UnitedHealthcare of Washington Inc.s 2014 association health plan for Associated General Contractors of Washington. This is the first approval for the more than 60 association health plans currently under review for compliance with new federal regulations.

Associations offer a lot of benefits to their members and to their communities. Weve worked very hard to reach out to as many associations and insurers as possible for the last several years to help them understand the new federal law said Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler. We understand many of their members rely on the insurance that associations provide. Weve offered guidance and advice on what steps associations need to take to comply with the new federal law.

UnitedHealthcare of Washington Inc. is the first carrier to have its plan approved so far this year. All association health plans are currently under a two-part review to assess whether they meet the new federal definition of an employer and if so if their rates comply with large group standards which prohibit discrimination for similarly situated employees.

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