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Leadership changes at American Construction

width=315American Construction Company Inc. of Tacoma has announced the following changes to the company leadership effective Sept. 1.

Steve Brannon has been promoted to the position of chief executive officer focusing on strategic direction and expansion. Steve has led the company for the last twenty-three years giving him a unique perspective on the company’s role in the Pacific Northwest’s marine-construction marketplace.

Kevin Culbert (photo) has been named president with responsibility to lead American Construction and implement its vision and mission. During the course of his twenty-eight years with American Kevin has risen through the company serving during recent years as vice president and managing construction operations.

Kevin Culbert will serve as the company’s fifth president since 1903 following Mr. Wilcox (serving from 1893 to 1918) Lawrence Beaulieu (serving from 1918 to 1953) Richard Brannon (serving from 1953 to 1991) and Steve Brannon (serving from 1991 to 2014).

Rod Gowdy has been promoted to the position of project-operations manager and will supervise the execution of all construction and dredging contracts. Rod has twenty-four years of marine-construction experience including the last twelve years at American Construction.

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