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Many firms joining AGC Health Plan as others shut down due to ACA rules

Many Washington State construction-industry firms need to find a new health-insurance carrier because many association health plans are shutting down under new Affordable Care Act rules. Fortunately for these contractors the AGC Health Plan offers them an attractive solution. In fact 20 firms have already joined the AGC Health Plan this year.

With the Affordable Care Act in effect several Association Health Plans or trusts are losing their bona fide status with the Office of the Insurance Commissioner shutting down because their specific trust did not meet the new criteria to continue to operate and sell new plans in Washington. This means many construction firms must search for a new health insurance carrier as their contracts draw to an end. This “day of reckoning” has been put off for many firms that decided to renew their policies in late 2013 to avoid anticipated 2014 premium increases for as long as possible. In the small-group market (50 employees and less) an estimated 70% of groups with Association Health Plans are looking for new coverage that starts December 1.

A great option for these firms is the AGC Health Plan which is one of the most competitive and customizable health plans out there. It’s a plan that’s bona fide and fully compliant with ACA requirements—and one that returns every penny of savings back to members.

Is your firm losing its health plan or would you simply like to see if you can do better? Check out the AGC Health plan. Click here to see the benefits brochure. For a free quote or more detailed information on the health plan please email your request to the AGC Health Plan Service Center at You will be promptly contacted by a member of our experienced health-plan services team.

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