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Lease Crutcher Lewis goes all-out for Obliteride

Matt Hays Lease Crutcher Lewis

After 2013s inaugural Obliteride a bicycling fundraiser for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute Lease Crutcher Lewis had a choice. In 2013 Lewis and its partners were the #1 fundraising and rider/volunteer team which resulted in the 2014 AGC of Washington Service to the Community Award. Dollars matter in cancer research and have the potential to save and improve literally millions of lives. So what about Obliteride 2014? width=544

The decision was easy: go even bigger. Lewis teamed with Hornall Anderson and the Cancer Epidemiology Research Cooperative (CERC) at the Hutchinson Center to lead the Lewis & Friends CERCumvent Cancer team with a goal of $200000 over half again the previous years $126000 total. Every dollar would go to the Hutchinson Center and much would flow directly to CERC which conducts studies focusing on the causes of cancer cancer prevention factors associated with cancer survival and the effects of cancer on quality of life.  

Obliteride 2014 held August 8-10 was another enormous success so far raising approximately $1600000 with more funds flowing in. The final tally will occur in September. Lewis & Friends CERCumvent Cancer has raised $188000 to date and will likely exceed $200000. Since all of the rider fundraising goes to cancer research additional funding was needed for event overhead so Lewis provided an additional $40000 sponsorship as well as many hours of staff time. Hornall Anderson provided extensive pro bono services to the Lewis team such as the design of the team bike jerseys. CERC played a key role on the team from leadership to many volunteers riders and donors.  

A vast array of donors participated on the Lewis/CERC team including partner firms (some being AGC members) individuals at Lewis and CERC friends and family.  Company donors at the $5000 level included Cobra McKinstry NCM Prime Electric Rhine Demolition and Value Village. At the $2000 level were PSF Mechanical and Concrete Restoration. The $1000 category included CrownCorr Foy Group Herzog Glass Holaday-Parks Malcolm Drilling McClone Construction Metals Fabrication Miller Hull Nelson Orthopedic Physician Associates Patriot Fire Protection Siemens and Snyder. Lewis provided $500 matching funds for each employee including riders who needed to raise between $1000 (for the 25 mile ride) and $1975 each (150 miles) to participate at the four distance options. The team was captained by Dr. Christopher Li at CERC and Patrick McQueen and Linda Helm of Lewis.  

Obliteride is a great fit for Lewis. As a general contractor with deep Seattle roots the company brought a large network of relationships that helped raise funds and add riders and volunteers. The companys deep bicycling culture meant great enthusiasm with dozens of recreational cyclists a full bike rack in front of the office on a typical workday and many riders who used Obliteride as an excuse to get into better shape. The Hutchinson Center is an important ongoing client doing great work. And above all everyone knows someone who has faced cancer or is facing it now and the Hutchinson Center is one of the worlds great weapons in this fight.  

Chairman Bill Lewis talked about why the company is enthusiastic about Obliteride. I think company leaders who are active in the community dream about aligning company initiatives with what truly inspires employees. Obliteride is a home run. For us its something that’s authentically grassroots and driven by everyone who participates rather than a top down approach. It supports great research aimed at saving lives and it inspires people to get personally involved.

Photos courtesy Obliteride.

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