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Members sought for State building-code council

The State Building Code Council is seeking members for all of the technical advisory groups (TAGs) in preparation for the 2015 code-adoption cycle. TAGs conduct research into code-related matters review proposed amendments to codes and identify and define issues related to the codes as requested by the Council or standing committee.

The Council will fill open positions on the TAGs for the 2015 code-adoption cycle. The 2015 TAGs will convene in the fall of 2014 to begin review of the codes. The 2015 review process will conclude with a report to the standing committees. The TAGs set a meeting schedule once convened. Alternative means of participation not requiring travel are available using the internet and/or conference calls.

The Council welcomes all applicants for positions on any of the TAGs. Please submit a letter or e-mail indicating the TAG you are interested in and the constituent group you represent along with a resume. Applicants will be asked to confirm the support of a local or statewide organization where possible. All positions are open and previous TAG members must reapply. The Council is seeking subject-area experts from the groups listed on the tables here; the deadline for applications is August 15 2014.

The state building-code adoption process depends on involvement of experts and professionals in the building industry. Please consider participating and feel free to contact the Council by phone at 360.407.9277 or via email at if you would like more information.

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