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EVPs Report: Transition in Full Swing

By David DHondt AGC Executive Vice President

Three weeks and counting!

The transition is in full swing and I am truly humbled by the opportunity to be the Executive Vice President of this great organization. Being able to transition with Dick Bristow is a distinct advantage for me and the association. His hard work dedication humor and drive have made him the best at what he does. I promise – I am paying attention.

Dick and I have already been in the home office of 11 different member firms. It has been a great opportunity to meet face to face and get to know the companies and most of all to get to know the members. The input has been encouraging and honest about who we are why the companies are members and what we can do to improve. I am thankful that so many busy people have taken the time to spend with me and Dick and look forward to visiting with many more companies in the near future. We will be compiling the information to share with the AGC Officers and Board for future action.

I also have had the opportunity to interview many of the great staff members of the AGC of Washington. I can share with you that they are team players and truly have your best interests at heart. They are full of ideas and a great resource. Their strong desire for customer service is very apparent. We have already changed the new member process. Now a new member upon submitting an application has instant access to the AGC web site and classes and events. In the past the new members could wait up to six weeks before getting plugged in. With the continued support of the staff the transition will be seamless.

This is a busy time of the year for everyone at AGC. The officers are getting ready to go on their annual retreat. They will take direction from the new strategic plan and craft the budget priorities to start planning for next year. The results of the retreat will be brought to the full board for comment at the September 8 Board Meeting. The plan will then be given to the staff for budgeting and implementation.

The first three weeks have been full and exciting. Heres to many more!

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