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Another big AGC Retro refund!

AGC Retro just received a whopping 42% group refund! More than half of the members in the program are earning 54% refunds on their workers compensation premiums as a result of a performance-based refund distribution designed to reward safety and light duty efforts!
Van Hardy chairman of the program said “I could not be more pleased with these outstanding results. Year after year we continue to be a top-performing construction Retro group. I see competing plans elevating their penalty risk to percentage levels that can only be described as dangerously aggressive and twice as high as AGC is willing to risk on behalf of our members. I am reminded that sticking to our core principles which include consistently well thought-out policies and processes is the right way to operate and is of great benefit to our member companies. How are we able to produce long-term results that exceed our competitor Retro groups with less risk lower administrative expenses and a much higher percentage of total refunds returned to our members? We have the best design the strongest and most capable staff the most committed participant companies and a member staffed Retro Committee that never deviates from our mission of making sure everything we do is in the best interests of our participant companies.”

Don’t forget to celebrate AGC Retro’s success at the upcoming Refund and Award events. These are among our favorite events of the year – your payoff for outstanding safety and claims management!  Join us in Spokane (June 3) Yakima (June 4) Bellingham (June 10) or Seattle/Tacoma (June 13).

For more information about AGC Retro click here.

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