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Want to be a dot-build rather than a dot-com?

From AGC of America:

The new .build website domain is now available for registration!

Similar to .com .org and .biz .build is one of the initial 250+ internet domains that have recently been released by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Over the next few years it is expected that hundreds of other additional domain names will be made available. You can view some of the released domain names here.

This is an interesting and potentially significant development in how people find information on the internet and more specifically how companies and organizations make themselves found on the internet by relevant audiences.

.build is positioning itself as the domain for companies in the construction industry helping contractors and service and supply companies differentiate themselves from other industries as well as make their websites more relevant for internet searches pertaining to construction. You can learn a little more about .build here.

AGC of America is supporting the .build initiative and as part of that effort .build is offering AGC members the first year free on any multi-year registration of a new domain name. This offer is open to AGC chapters as well (discount code AGCEMAIL14).

AGC of America has secured and a few other .build domains and plans to use those domains for relevant marketing and PR efforts while still maintaining our .org domain.

If you’ve always wanted a new or improved domain name for your website but couldn’t get the name of your choosing as a .org or other domain I’d encourage you to check out your options for new domains under .build here.

AGC of America will be hosting a webinar on June 10th on how new domain names are changing the internet and how the new .build domain can help businesses stay relevant and get more visibility — details available soon. For more info contact Jeff Wilson Chief Marketing Strategist AGC of America 703.837.5370.

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