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Diamond B’s Paul Herbold Offers Top 25 Safety List

(AGC Retro Manager Lauren Gubbe and Paul Herbold of Diamond B. Constructors at a retirement celebration.)

Paul Herbold says the secret of his success is AGC Retro.

We blush at including such an unabashed self-promotion in an AGC publication but hey the man is an expert. Paul has had a 30-plus year career in professional safety. For the last five years hes served as Corporate Safety Director for Diamond B Constructors in Bellingham for whom he accepted the 2007 Governor John D. Spellman Safety Award from the Evergreen Safety Council.

Paul announced his retirement from DBC and was recently honored by AGC Northern District colleagues during an AGC Retro Think Tank event at Semiahmoo.

We wanted to honor Paul for his passion to improve safety in construction and his willingness to be a resource to other AGC members desiring to do the same said Lauren Gubbe Director of the Retro Program. He has also been a Northern District presence on our Retro Committee as well as the AGC Safety Committee for years and we have really appreciated his time and participation.

At the event Paul shared his Top 25 Safety and Loss Control Best Practices in addition to acknowledging the value of AGCs Retro and Safety programs.

Chances are most firms are already doing most of the items on this list Paul said. But people might pick up an idea that they can add to their companys safety repertoire.

Among the tips on his best practice list is to use data relentlessly. Paul recommends keeping data and producing charts for BLS incidence rates; workers compensation claims costs per hour worked; average time to close workers comp claims; and even workers comp claims frequency (claims filed per 200000 man hours). Paul posted Diamond Bs stats right on its website (view them here).

Paul can assist firms in setting up pertinent data bases. Post-retirement he will be available for consultation and assistance in L&I claims management loss control and safety programs and custom database applications. His email is

For a copy of his complete list click Paul Herbolds Top 25 Safety and Loss Control Best Practices.

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