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Washington construction industry sends every worker home in 2013

That’s right in Washington State in 2013 there were ZERO worker fatalities. ZERO.
Rewind the clock about five years and the industry average number of annual fatalities was 18. We have seen a steady drop in our fatality counts each year and this year we got to celebrate the best outcome possible. While we can point to the economy being down or sheer luck there is likely much more to it than that including better training and implementation of safety principles. Read more about it here in the most recent edition of Constructor Magazine featuring AGC member firms Mowat and Ferguson.

While we are thrilled with the 2013 statistic it is with a heavy heart that we acknowledge in 2014 there has been one worker fatality. Each worker in our industry represents a family member friend coworker or mentor that has impacts far beyond his or her workplace. We encourage everyone to redouble their efforts towards safety during this upswing in construction activities. AGC offers many programs and services that can complement your existing programs and empower worker safety every day in every way.

Please reach out to our Safety Services Team for all your safety needs!

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