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Brett Ferullo to Chair AGC’s BUILD PAC

Brett Ferullo Northwest Construction was once again elected Chair of the Senior Council for AGC’s BUILD PAC with Dan Absher Absher Construction elected Vice Chair.

“One of our immediate goals is to increase contributions to AGC’s BUILD PAC through the dues-renewal process that is underway right now” said Ferullo. “PAC contributions are listed as a line item on members’ AGC membership-renewal forms. We want to make sure everyone knows it is there and we encourage them to keep it on there. The easiest way to support AGC’s BUILD PAC and its mission to elect construction-friendly policymakers is to make a contribution to the PAC through AGC dues renewal.”

A longer-term goal for Ferullo is to significantly increase the size of AGC’s BUILD PAC so it is a “major player” on the political scene. “AGC’s BUILD PAC in one sense is large but I think most contractors would be surprised by how small BUILD PAC is in relation to several others.”

The following is a sample of PACs and how they rank in size (based on 2012 contributions):
#1 – Washington Education Association $2.5M
#2 – Justice for All (trial attorneys) $1.1M
#6 – Conservation Voters $794K
#7 – Washington State Labor Council $666K
#9 – Realtors $596K
#18 – Restaurant Association $327K
#31 – AGC’s BUILD PAC $191K

Per revised PAC bylaws Ferullo is a member of the Senior Council as the chapter’s representative to the National AGC PAC. Other members of the PAC’s Senior Council include:
• Joe Simmons Joseph S. Simmons Construction (as First VP of AGC’s Board of Trustees)
• Steve Isenhart Tiger Construction (as Immediate Past President of AGC)
• Gene Colin Ferguson Construction (as Chair of AGC’s Government Affairs Council)

Four at-large members were elected: 
• Mike Lee Lakeside Industries
• Max Kuney Max J. Kuney Co.
• Jake Jacobson Osborne Construction
• Dan Absher Absher Construction

Van Collins AGC’s Chief Lobbyist and General Council is Secretary-Treasurer.

For more information about AGC’s BUILD PAC contact Jerry VanderWood AGC’s Communications Director and Lobbyist 206.284.0061.

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