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Elcon, Nutter, Manson-Mowat JV, Graham among AGC-WSDOT Excellence Winners

Seven transportation construction projects were honored for administrative and environmental excellence by WSDOT and AGC of Washington. Awards were presented at the AGC-WSDOT annual meeting in Fircrest WA.

Five projects were selected as winners of Partnership for Excellence in Contract Administration. Awards were presented to the administrative team including the width=300construction firm its project manager and the WSDOT project engineers. The administrative teams were honored for delivering transportation projects in a timely professional and responsive manner while also considering the needs of others who are affected by the project. A panel of judges based their selections on the following criteria: customer-focused administration innovative problem solving the overcoming of extraordinary challenges effective contract administration timely completion of the project and safety. WSDOT Assistant State Construction Engineer Denys Tak PE and AGC Public Works Committee Chair Bob Adams of Atkinson Construction presented the awards.

In addition two projects received Partnership for Environmental Excellence in Construction Management Awards. The projects were chosen according to criteria including preventative measures responsiveness during construction and innovative problem solving. Megan White WSDOTs Director of Environmental Services presented the awards.

The Partnership for Environmental Excellence in Construction Management winners are:

Eastern Washington

SR 395 North Spokane Corridor – US 2 Lowering. Contractor: Graham Construction. Project Manager: Tim Loucks. WSDOT: Bob Hilmes’ Project Office.

Prior to working in a sensitive area Graham submitted a detailed plan for approval with WSDOT of how the work would be performed. The team incorporated several preventative measures. Permitting agencies were invited to the site on several occasions to clarify requirements and ensure compliance. Groundwater was a challenge so the project had to address unexpected conditions.

Western Washington

SR 520 Pontoon Grass Creek Mitigation Project. Contractor: Rognlin’s Inc. Project Manager: Nick Rognlin.

The site provides mitigation for effects from the SR 520 Pontoon Construction Project by restoring and protecting a variety of wetlands and shoreline habitats. The 68-acre mitigation site was constructed that provides 6.24 acres of palustrine wetland mitigation; 5 acres of aquatic mitigation; 45.7 acres of access mitigation; removal of more than 3000 lineal feet of earthen perimeter dike; reestablishment of 5 tidal channels; removal of 3 fish passage barriers; creation of 35000 square feet of new mud flats; and treatment of 5.2 acres of upland for eradication of invasive plant species. Rognlin’s used specialized equipment to limit environmental impacts.

The Excellence in Contract Administration winning projects are:

Category: Eastern WA projects less than $3 million

US 2 Euclid Avenue to Francis Avenue Paving/Rebid. Contractor: Inland Asphalt. Project Manager: Al Hughbanks. WSDOT: Bob Hilmes’ Project Office.

This project paved one of the major north-south arterials in Spokane which carries an average traffic volume of 38000 to 45000 vehicles per day. Revised traffic control setups were employed in order to reduce the number of states needed to complete the intersection to shorten the duration of construction and to reduce impacts to the public. Construction had to take into account access to businesses as the area is a major business corridor in Spokane. WSDOT and Inland Asphalt collaborated to quickly resolve identified issues in order to keep the project moving forward.

Category: Western WA projects less than $3 million

Dayton Avenue North to 128th Street SW – ITS Rehabilitation. Contractor: Elcon Corporation. Project Manager: Vernon Klingman. WSDOT: Mark Sawyer’s Project Office.

This project provided major upgrades to the WSDOT fiber optic communication network. Existing fiber optic cable was replaced between Shoreline and Everett more than doubling the capacity of the network. Major keys to success were the assignment of a WSDOT electrical inspector to the project and Elcon’s competency and knowledge of the WSDOT fiber optic system.

Category: Western WA projects $3-10 million

Simpson Avenue Bridge – Remaining Pier 2 Stabilization. Contractor: Bergerson Construction. Project Manager: Greg Morrill. WSDOT: Aberdeen Project Office Team.

In July 2010 Pier 2 of the Simpson Avenue Bridge began to lean toward the middle of the channel. This project completed the stabilization by restoring the foundation support. A major challenge for the Project Team was the required closure of the bridge. The team committed to minimize detour delays and to avoid the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday shopping season.

Category: Western WA projects more than $10 million

Manette Bridge Replacement. Contractor: Manson-Mowat Joint Venture. WSDOT: Jeff Cook’s Project Office.

This project replaced the aging and deficient Manette Bridge over the Port Washington Narrows. The largest girders ever produced in the region – each weighing 330000 pounds – were used in construction. The team kept the bridge open to traffic during construction except for a short 4.5 months while the west abutment and first span of the new bridge were constructed.

Category: Statewide special mention — city county or other project

SR 501 Ridgefield Interchange – Stage II. Contractor: Nutter Corporation. Project Manager: Todd Cahill. WSDOT: Chris Tams’ Project Office.

This project was 100% funded by the City of Ridgefield and required constant coordination with the City. Through agreement WSDOT designed and administered the project. Nutter maintained an accurate and up-to-date schedule throughout the life of the project and exceeded the 25 percent DBE goal achieving 31 percent DBE participation.

Photo: Administrative and environmental excellence award winners at the AGC-WSDOT annual meeting in Fircrest WA.

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