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DOE Interpretation Impacts Handling of Cementitious Material

According to a recent presentation to the Washington Aggregates and Concrete Association (WACA) the State Department of Ecologys Northwest Regional Office appears to be interpreting state laws in a manner that will significantly impact the handling of cementitious materials. If its interpretations were enforced all soil containing any amount of cementitious materials would have to be disposed of at a municipal solid waste land fill; the recycling of numerous types of cementitious materials would be banned; and all recycled concrete could be regulated as a non-inert solid waste.

Click here for a summary of DOE NW Regional Offices presentation on drilling and cementitious wastes. AGC is working with WACA to express concerns about the effect this interpretation would have on the handling of materials as well as the fact that new policies are being developed that are inconsistent with current laws and without the input of stakeholders.

More information will be available soon.

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